I think it’s Bill Johnson who said ‘The reality you’re most aware of, is the reality you will reflect’.  It’s a statement that has stuck with me.  It’s the statement that inspired me some years ago to spend a whole lot of time on youtube watching videos of Kathryn Kuhlman and David Hogan and other men and women of God who see God move in incredible signs and wonders, many of whom are completely eccentric, but who carry something incredible in terms of friendship with Holy Spirit (a lesson in not letting packaging offend us, but in looking further to see the gold in people).

I want Kingdom reality to be the one I reflect more than worldly reality.  I want signs and wonders to be a norm in my life.  I want the supernatural to be instinctive for me.  And so my aim and desire is to immerse myself in the world of the Kingdom – whether by praying or reading or singing or watching videos of people who are ‘doing the stuff’ so that my time is spent plunging my head and heart and senses into a more wonderful world than I can ever imagine.

Recently I was reading through the book of Acts and was inspired in this journey of Kingdom experience again when I read these words –

‘… for we cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard…’ (Acts 4:20).  What I see and hear, is integral to what then comes out of me.  In other words, the reality I’m most aware of, is the reality I will reflect.  And so I’m provoked again to spend time seeing and hearing afresh.  How can I expect to speak and live fresh bread if I’m not seeing and hearing it?  I can’t pick at dry leftover breadcrumbs and expect to birth anything fresh.  This isn’t just challenging for me as a preacher (although it certainly is provoking!), but this is about me as a woman, me as a mum, me as a friend and wife and daughter.  If I want my words and life to carry life, I better spend time with the One who gives it.

So here’s my challenge to us all today.  What are you spending your time seeing and hearing?  Because whether or not you want to, you will be speaking it.  So let us make sure what we see and hear is worthy for us to speak it.  Let us immerse ourselves in the reality of another world.  The world we were made for.  The world we are joined to.  And the world we have been given authority to reflect.