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Life In Abundance

Our God is the God of excess. Abundant living is not simply an option for certain believers, it is an invitation for each one of us to display the lavish love of the Father to the world around us. In this teaching, Katia unpacks the implications of Jesus’ words in John 10:10.

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What The Enemy Doesn’t Want You To Know

Katia teaches powerfully liberating truth around freedom in your identity. This was recorded at Vinelife Church Manchester.

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2 comments on “Media

  1. September 27, 2016 at 6:26 am

    WOW. I am blown away by LOVE……; let me get you there:
    The documentary, Gaining Heaven’s Perspective, starts out as a beautiful, exciting report about a group of English students, (from England), attending a School of the Supernatural, in South Africa, and then, them, experiencing the miraculous power of Jesus, through healings and salvations while going out into the ‘field’: the local villages.
    In this video, we see that, God is such a beautiful, lovely Father, that He doesn’t withhold from anyone, ANYwhere throughout the team’s visits.

    Let me share with you, my perspective, watching this report online; here’s the beauty of modern media, through the anointing on the team filming this video:
    EVEN I, here, in the United States, (some time later than this event actually happened), have been touched/inspired by the miraculous; HIS Power, through this video!
    (I sobbed through most of it!)
    Because of the anointing on this video, and the demonstration of God and His Works through the team, I heard myself praying, “…send me, God!…You created me for this!
    …Yes, I’ll go!…”, and so forth, until my prayers morphed into my immediate, more natural reality, “…WHY can’t this be done in my own community?….my community IS my Africa!…God HELP me to love the people in my community!…”, and so forth.

    And so, like God Himself, the One Who planned this ENTIRE documentary just for me, *smiley face*; the moment I asked for ‘love’ for my community, the woman at the end of the video begins reading from I Corinthians 13: “….LOVE,…….LOVE,…….LOVE,……”, (read it yourself; it’s all about Love). O.M.G.
    (Oh, my God; THE God, Who is, Who was, and Who will always be. In my book, an expression of acknowledgment.)

    Anyway, here we are, at the crux of it: it is ALL about Love. It is sooo simple and direct. Just Love. Jesus did it. Simply.
    He walked about, and loved.
    So, can I walk about, and ‘just love”, in my community? Will I walk about, and ‘just love”, in my community? YES, simply. In Grace and humility.


    • August 21, 2017 at 8:03 am

      Thanks so much for your comment Lisa! He really is breathtaking in Love! And how amazing that we get to walk in that same love as we depend on Him! Yes Jesus!!

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